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Every year the club participates in a number of swimming galas. Most of these galas operate under the NASCH (National Association of Swimming Clubs for the Handicapped) rules and governance. Other events operate under the Lions Club International control or the Halliwick AST laws. National Association of Swimming Clubs for the Handicapped & AST events take place on a Saturday evenings whereas the Lions Galas take place on Sunday afternoons/evenings.


Swimming and winning medals in our galas is not about being the fastest swimmer in the race. Instead it is about showing consistency against a pre-submitted timing for a particular event.


Turtles Swimming Club is invited to send a Mens Team, Ladies Team, Junior Team and in some cases a Diving Team to the various gala events.


All galas take place on a Saturday evening with the one exception of the Hanworth & Feltham Gala (Sunday). Buffet food is usually provided to all swimmers at the end of the gala. The Medal Table is updated after every Gala (Website & Newsletter) and we also include any Gold Medals awarded through the British Long Distance Swimming Association Postal Swim Competition. This event is organised for late January / early February. The gala squad is open to anyone with a disability who can swim at least 25 metres. Flotation aids can be used and if necessary, a parent / carer can swim alongside the competitor provided no assistance is given. The definition of a ‘Junior’ varies a great deal and is anyone over the age of 8 and depending on which club is hosting the gala, up to an age between 16 to 21. For our home galas we define a Junior as under 17 on the day of the event. Junior and Vulnerable Adults must be accompanied by a carer / parent at all events. Gala T Shirts are awarded to regular participants. The club’s competitive gala name is ‘Ruislip Turtles’. Anyone wishing to join the squad should talk to Gala Team Manager, Dave Lee.


The Gala Season usually starts in February and finishes in October. There are not usually any events in July and August. On average, there are between 8 and 10 competitive events to a season. In recent seasons, we have lost Galas at Watford, Barnet and Leamington Spa, but have been lucky enough to be invited to newer events at Ealing and Hitchin.


The galas are a lot of fun and the participants get a great deal out of their participation. There is a great team ethic with loud cheering and encouragement given to one and other. We pride ourselves that we are one of the noisiest clubs and it is one of the jobs of the Team Captain to make sure that we are as loud as possible in our support. Parents / Family / Carers are welcome to come along and lend their support and if they wish, can get more involved with the gala organisation e.g become timekeepers or maybe take drinks around.

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Popular Questions:

No, our sessions are structured to give the swimmer a short period of input but then allow them time to either play or relax in the water, building water confidence. So all non swimmers or junior members must be accompanied by a responsible adult in the water.
Our sessions are run by volunteers and aimed at people with a disability and their immediate family or carers. All non swimmers or junior members need to be accompanied in the water at all times by a responsible adult.
Yes, our sessions are typically held 51/52 weeks a year. We hold our annual invitation gala one week in September when we do not hold a session and subject to when Christmas falls we sometimes do not operate over the festive period. If we for any reason we have to close at the last minute or we plan to close for any reason we will publish this in advance on our facebook page and on this Website. If or an unforeseen reason we will attempt to notify members via facebook and this website.
We charge £1 per session (up to £3 for a family) and an annual fee of £8 per child / disabled adult and £16 per parent / carer.

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