We hold 2 Gala each year, our internal club championships (May) and our Invitation gala (Sept). Both Galas operate under NASCH rules with a 10% repositioning factor.

NASCH Gala rules

This is a simple system that has been designed to give every disabled person the opportunity to swim competitively with an equal chance to win. The system does not discriminate between those with a physical or learning disability, nor indeed does it discriminate between differing levels of ability. Using this system, the most severely disabled person can compete on equal terms with those who have a slight disability. The system operates by progressively delaying the start of those more able swimmers so that in an ideal race all swimmers should finish together. Before a gala, each swimmer submits the time in which they expect to swim the event entered. These are then used to establish the starting time (delay) of each swimmer and an overall race time. To prevent unreasonable times being submitted a repositioning system is also used. Under this system swimmers are repositioned if they swim the race much faster than expected. For each race a time known as the Repositioning Factor is calculated. This represents the maximum time by which a competitor may improve his or her time without being repositioned. It is calculated by calculating 10% of the average submitted times of all the swimmers in the event. The actual swum times recorded at a gala are then used for the next gala event in the calendar.

Popular Questions:

No, our sessions are structured to give the swimmer a short period of input but then allow them time to either play or relax in the water, building water confidence. So all non swimmers or junior members must be accompanied by a responsible adult in the water.
Our sessions are run by volunteers and aimed at people with a disability and their immediate family or carers. All non swimmers or junior members need to be accompanied in the water at all times by a responsible adult.
Yes, our sessions are typically held 51/52 weeks a year. We hold our annual invitation gala one week in September when we do not hold a session and subject to when Christmas falls we sometimes do not operate over the festive period. If we for any reason we have to close at the last minute or we plan to close for any reason we will publish this in advance on our facebook page and on this Website. If or an unforeseen reason we will attempt to notify members via facebook and this website.
We charge £1 per session (up to £3 for a family) and an annual fee of £8 per child / disabled adult and £16 per parent / carer.

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