The Turtles Swimming Club organises various functions away from the principle Saturday Highgrove Swimming Sessions.

These activities fall in to two categories: 1) Social outings 2) Invitation Galas organised at the pools of other swimming clubs.

The club expects all children and vulnerable adults to be supervised by a parent or carer at all times when attending functions away from Highgrove.

The Club is unable to provide carers to accompany club members and so if appropriate care can not be provided by the participant then he or she should not attend the function.

The club usually organises transport to the functions and this can involve scheduled collection and drop off points.

It is the responsibility of the participant to be at the designated collection point at the stated time and the club can take no responsibility should the participant arrive late and as a consequence misses out on the transport.

The club makes every effort to keep the published collection schedule but obviously the times stated can only be an estimate and subject therefore to variations.

No Junior or vulnerable adult should be left for collection without suitable carers and the driver of the transport should not collect such participants. The drop-offs points should always be communicated to participants ahead of any function / journey. If these locations are not suitable then the participant should communicate at least 24 hours before the event and a suitable compromise sought. If such a compromise is not possible then the participant should withdraw from the activity. The driver of the transport can not be expected to change pick-ups or drop-offs on the day of an event.

When visiting a location, Club Members are expected to behave in an appropriate and responsible manner. They should not engage in any activity that will put themselves or others at risk and should not engage in any activity that will bring the name of Turtles Swimming Club into disrepute.

Club Members should uphold the Members Code of Conduct at all times.

At swimming galas, participants and their carers should follow the direction of the Turtles Gala Team Manager and take notice of the instructions laid down by the Gala Organisers and Officials.

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