Members Must;

At all times adhere to the rules of Turtles Swimming Club, Highgrove Pool Management and any alternative Leisure Centre Pool Management related to temporary re-location or competitive events, together with any local rules pertaining to any Turtles outings or social events.

At all times adhere to the Turtles Child and Vulnerable Adult Protection Policy.

Treat all members and persons with due dignity and respect and at all times adhere to the Turtles Equity Policy.

Understand that the use of inappropriate or abusive language, bullying, harassment, or physical violence will not be tolerated and could result in action being taken through the club constitution or child protection policy

Not participate in any swimming sessions contrary to the advice of their G.P and must ensure that the committee member at registration is made aware of any changes to medical conditions or emergency drug procedures or any other health changes that may require helpers and lifeguards to be more vigilant.

Not smoke or consume alcohol or recreational drugs of any kind at the pool or whilst representing the club at competitions and should not attend swimming sessions or competitions under the influence of alcohol, recreational drugs or contrary to the direction of prescribed medication.

Wear suitable swimming attire when attending pool sessions or when representing the club at swimming galas.

Pay annual subscriptions promptly (Due on 1st April)

Keep to agreed timings for gala events and competitions or inform the team manager if they are going to be late.

At competitions or galas support team mates. Everyone likes to be supported and they will be supporting you.

Please note: Vulnerable adults and junior members must be accompanied by a parent / carer at all times. During the session the parent / carer should be seated upstairs in the auditorium. Requests to alter the above must be made to the committee. If an exception is granted the parent / carer at the pool side must be suitably attired to enter the water if required. The committee reserves the right to designate the parent / carers specific location.

Photography at poolside is strictly prohibited without prior consent from both Highgrove Pool staff and the Turtles Committee. Any photographs taken must only include images of the person who is the authorised subject of the photograph. Turtles Swimming Club reserves the right to take photographs for publicity purposes as outlined in the Photograph Consent form signed when members join the club.

Revised July 2017

Memebers must;

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