Our turtles volunteers

We currently have a number of qualified swim teachers who will offer instruction to members during our sessions. But as with all clubs we could not function without all our other helpers who either assist at poolside, in reception or behind the scenes.

A full set of Job Descriptions is available CLICK HERE   

Heather Johnston

Chair & Child Protection Officer

Dave Lee

President, Competition Secretary & Swim Teacher

Cheryl Lee

Chief Instructor, Level 2 Coach & Level 2 ASA Swim Teacher

Ajay Joginipally


Fiona Macintyre

Club Secretary

Peter Horne

Committee Member, Swim Teacher & Health & Safety Officer

Bijan Ghorbanian

Assistant Secretary

Rosemary Noyes

Committee Member

Terry Cheshire

Committee Member

Linda Clark

Committee Member and Swim Teacher

Andy Wallis

Committee Member

Jordan Mason

Level 2 ASA Swim Teacher

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