Pool Facilities - Highgrove Pool  
  Eastcote Road, Ruislip, Middlesex. HA4 8DZ  
  • The Highgrove Centre has 2 pools.

  • The main pool is 33.3 meters in length with a depth that varies from 1.22 meters in the shallow end to 3.81 meters in the deep end.

  • The training pool has a depth of 1 meter.

  • The main pool is equipped with a hoist and special walk-in steps to help those with a physical disability getting in and out of the water.

  • Floats and swimming aids are available.

  • Help and tuition is available in the pool but this cannot be guaranteed on a one to one basis for the entire session in the pool.

  • The Club meets every Saturday between 5pm and 6pm



Pool Evacuation Procedure

 (in the event of an emergency or sounding of the alarm)

  • On hearing an alarm, all swimmers are to make for the nearest poolside and wait in the water for further instructions

  • A recognised Turtle helper will go to the First Aid Point where the pool lifeguards will be assembled and await instructions from the pool duty manager.

  • The pool duty manager will advise what action is to be taken.

  • If necessary, swimmers will exit the water and leave by the exits as directed by the pool lifeguards to the outside assembly points.

  • All able bodied members should give assistance as directed by lifeguards or Turtle helpers, or as required and be aware of swimmers who might need help to exit the water.

  • Turtles helpers should liaise with lifeguards at all times.