Club Galas  
  Every year the club participates in a number of swimming galas. Most of these galas operate under the NASCH (National Association of Swimming Clubs for the Handicapped) rules and governance. Other events operate under the Lions Club International control or the Halliwick AST laws.  National Association of Swimming Clubs for the Handicapped & AST events take place on a Saturday evenings whereas the Lions Galas take place on Sunday afternoons/evenings.

Swimming and winning medals in disabled galas is not about being the fastest swimmer in the race. Instead it is about showing consistency against a pre-submitted timing for a particular event.

The Turtles club is invited to send a Mens Team, Ladies Team, Junior Team and in some cases a Diving Team to the various gala events. The club hires a mini-bus for the longer trips (e.g. Stevenage, Hatfield, Potters Bar & Hitchin).