About The Turtles Swimming Club  
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Formed in 1964, The Turtles Swimming Club enables people with disabilities and volunteer helpers of all ages and disabilities including non-swimmers from the surrounding area to enjoy the benefits of swimming in safety and privacy. The current membership ranges from very young children with congenital and/or mental disabilities, to accident and and stroke-victims, those suffering with arthritis, chronic asthma, learning difficulties or visual impairment  and senior citizens.

Development & Competition

The aims of the club are to provide a safe, friendly , family atmosphere where the art of swimming can be taught to disabled persons and where disabled persons can enjoy swimming for pleasure, exercise, and if desired, can participate in competitive swimming. Help and tuition is available in the pool but this cannot be guaranteed on a one to one basis for the entire session in the pool.

The competitive instincts of many members are catered for by several annual swimming galas. These are mainly run under the auspices of the National Association of Swimming Clubs for the Handicapped (NASCH) and include the Annual Club Championships and friendly competitions against other clubs. Badges for distance swimming are also available and every year the club participates in the British Long Distance Swimming Association ‘postal swim’ involving other swimming clubs throughout the country.

Membership Details

Annual membership is only £8 for disabled members and £18 for family members and / or helpers who are also encouraged to attend. The Saturday swimming sessions are then free throughout the year although guest visitors pay £1  per session.

Social Activities

There is also a social side to the Turtles Club which has organized outings to resorts, country parks, pantomimes, restaurants and various other events.  Click here to see some archive photos

Club Email

The club has an email account for2 way communication with the members: turtlesswimming@yahoo.co.uk